Know-First Pricing | Seaside Legal Solutions

“Seaside Legal is a 21st Century law firm with 21st Century billing.”

As an alternative to utilizing a traditional retainer & hourly-billing system for client matters, Seaside Legal offers Know-First Pricing. We do this because we feel that clients deserve to know first, BEFORE hiring an attorney, the precise scope and cost of the representation they are purchasing.

You wouldn’t hire a construction firm to build your house or a web-designer to build your site without knowing what their services would cost, right? At Seaside Legal, we don’t think paying for legal services should be any different.

How does Know-First Pricing work?

Prospective clients are invited to meet with us to discuss their matter. After analyzing the prospective client’s matter, Seaside Legal will provide them a fee agreement containing a fixed price and scope of representation. The prospective client may then choose to hire Seaside Legal knowing exactly what to expect in terms of cost and scope.

Why not bill hourly?

In many instances, hourly billing rewards inefficiency – the longer a client’s matter takes to conclude, the more money an hourly firm is able to make. By using Know-First Pricing, the interests of the client and the firm are aligned–they both want the job done, done right, and done as quickly as reasonably possible.

That’s why, whenever we can, we recommend Know-First Pricing to our clients. Naturally, there are some matters that have too many unknowns for flat fee pricing, and Seaside Legal is able to provide more traditional billing options for such matters.

What if the matter is complicated?

While most clients will only have to pay one fee to cover the legal services needed to bring a matter to conclusion, there are complex or lengthy cases that may require representation to be broken down in several phases or into fixed periods of time.

Seaside Legal may provide you with a flat fee agreement covering all legal services for a matter for a period of months, or instead a flat fee agreement covering a specific stage of litigation. At the end of the period of months or the stage of litigation, Seaside Legal will discuss with the client how they would like to move forward.

What about court costs, etc.?

All filing fees, court fees, and other fees incurred during the process of preparing or litigating a matter are paid separately by clients.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Know-First Pricing.